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    ERDEM diyor ki:antalya olympos plajında bulunan iÅŸyerimize garson – komi-mutfak yardımcı elemanı-plajda meÅŸrubat-mısır-dondurma satışı yapacak elemanlar alrmaacaktır.yemek+konaklamn+±aaÅŸiÅŸyeÄimiz plajda olduÄŸundan çadırda konaklama yapılacaktır

  2. not to throw a wrench in it or try to defend circ (believe me, i’m not), but i’ve observed my 5-year-old, regrettably circed son adopt this pose almost daily for years of his own accord. he may just be the rarity, but i wanted to put it out there.

  3. Getting up early is always best for me, but I've been sleeping in for so long it's going to be a challenge to get back into that routine.Since I'm not homeschooling this year and I'm not working yet, and there's a teachers strike for my kids school district, I can't get motivated to get up early.Great job getting going today. Have a great school year.

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    Very intrigued here girlie! I loved this post, but I wish I knew what this dream was so I could cheer you on! Still rooting for you wherever the universe takes you next, sounds like an exciting time coming up!I also love that tattoo.

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